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I've been with united since February of 2014. One of things I like most about United is the family atmosphere. I went to sit with numerous brokerages before making my decision. Once I met and talked with our Broker of record, it really put me at ease as far as my decision. Also the added bonus of 100 percent commission is great as well. The office provides a variety of training and our staff is always helpful and responsive. I'd recommend United to anyone looking for a brokerage to work with.

- Bydia Evans

New to real estate about 6 or 7 years ago, I interviewed with every big name out there to see what they had to offer. At the same time, I had also heard about another 100% brokerage model and it just made sense to me, so I decided to go with them. Why do all the work and then give up a big portion of my commission just for the "privilege" of using my company's name? Although it sounded good on the surface, though, I ended up with no support and not really meshing with the broker. I then got a call from United Real Estate that they were coming to the area. I've been with United now for about 4.5 years and don't ever plan on leaving. They're the best of both worlds, where I get to keep my commission, attend training events, and get full support from my broker whenever I have questions. Having in-house title and conveyancing departments is also a huge help with keeping everything streamlined and efficient, and it also takes a lot of the work off my shoulders. The camaraderie and quality of agents is also a great add-on benefit, and I love the morale. Why look anywhere else? :)

- Adam Lerman


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